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Kajun Kelly

Kajun Kelley

Kajun Kelley is a veteran of the Washington DC/Baltimore music scene, earning a reputation as a well-respected singer/songwriter and musician, but in particular for being one of the best guitarists around. “I've been playing guitar since I was seven years old. I taught myself, playing along with my older brothers' Zeppelin, Stones, Kiss and Cheap Trick albums. Then I got ahold of the first Van Halen CD, and it was all over!”

Kajun (his given name, by the way) started writing his own songs around that same age, playing his first club gig at the age of fifteen. After touring the world for eleven years as lead guitarist in The Deanna Bogart Band, Kajun branched out on his own in 2006, putting together his own power trio, The Kajun Kelley Band. His CDs “Stale Stories Fresh Ears” and “Struggle Within” received rave reviews for their combinations of melodic, guitar-driven hard rock, well-written lyrics, strong vocal harmonies and excellent guitar work- the LA Music Connection going as far as to compare his playing to guitar gods Joe Satriani and Steve Vai.

A bandleader in his own right, Kajun and his bandmates incorporate their love for improvisation, especially at their live shows, often taking a “no set list, all request” approach that makes each performance unique. Needless to say, Kajun is an insanely talented and multifaceted addition to the Expensive Hobby Orchestra.

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