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David Rhen

David Rhen

David Rhen is the band's saxophonist, but he also plays keyboards, guitar and flute, and he also contributes on background vocals. He enjoys arranging music and is proficient at Finale notation software - David's skill at section arrangements is, in no small measure, responsible for the excedingly accurate renderings of the vocal harmonies performed at every Expensive Hobby show.

David has been teaching in Pennsylvania and Maryland public schools for 23 years and is currently the department chairman of a very successful music program that serves over 400 students at Towson High School. Over the course of his professional experience, David has worked at multiple and various vocations: studio musician, jingle writer, carpenter, cook, salesman for a computer company, booking agent, maintenance technician, and factory worker.

Over the course of his musical career, David has recorded with many artists spanning a variety of musical genres. These artists include Carey Zeigler, Bobby Hird, Dennis Chambers, Tom Alonso, Brian Jack & Company, Jeff Order, Tracy Hamlin, Slim Man, Roy Smith, The Bridgeway Band, and countless others. David considers, without question, that his greatest accomplishment is his 28 year-old daughter, Heather.

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