Carey Ziegler's Expensive Hobby
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Carey Ziegler

Carey Ziegler

Carey's BIO AT A GLANCE (in his own words):

After a few years in the nightclub circuit and the frustration of trying to get other players to record original music, I decided to move on and find other players with the same goal in mind – recording & playing original material and touring. As luck would have it, I got a gig with Weirton, WV's Crack the Sky. Headlining and opening for various acts lasted a few years until John Palumbo left CTS. The rest of the band formed No Heroes which only lasted a year. I then moved on to work with Edgar Winter.

Edgar had opened for CTS a few years earlier in Salisbury, MD, and I will never forget him standing behind my SVT the entire night. We talked quite a bit that evening after the show, but I never thought he would ask me to join his band shortly after. I had declined Edgar’s offer several times through my friend, drummer Vince Santoro, who was in regular touch with Edgar. I could not accept Edgar’s offer at that time due to my commitment with No Heroes. Once again, as luck would have it, No Heroes folded soon thereafter, so Vince Santoro and I packed up and traveled to Millbrook, NY to rehearse with Edgar and then go out on tour around the country. During this time Edgar's management picked up Roy Buchanan as a client, and the next thing I know, I'm on tour with Roy between Edgar dates. Then, John Palumbo decided to put CTS back together with most of the original lineup except Joe Macre, the original bass player, so I had that as well as No Heroes reunion gigs and another band called Band Of A Thousand Names with Paul Reed Smith. A few years later, Edgar left to work with Leon Russell, so most of my time was devoted to Roy Buchanan as well as my gigs with CTS, No Heroes and BOTNs.

One midnight, while recording with Rick Witkowski in Weirton, WV, I received a phone call from Roy's road manager telling me that Roy had died. I was DEVASTATED!

So, after twenty-five years on and off the road and after the death of my friend Roy, I decided to come home to make music and have done so ever since.

In 1998, I formed Expensive Hobby and the rest is.........

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